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TDDD03 Industrial Engineering and Systems Usability Issues


The course has the following examination items:

  1. Participation in seminars (Fail/Pass) = 1,5 ECTS
  2. Realization of group project (Fail/Pass, Fail/3/4/5 [updated Feb. 5 2013]) = 3 ECTS
  3. Take-home examination (Fail/3/4/5) = 1,5 ECTS

The seminars are described in more detail on the seminar page.

The project is graded Fail/3/4/5 and the assessment is based on the individual deliverables attached to each step of the project. Each of them is worth 10 points. If you collect a total of 20 points on these you receive the grade 5 for the project. If you collect 15 you get grade 4. If you activiely participate in the project but do not turn in these deliverables or do not collect 15 points, you get grade 3 for the project [updated Feb. 5 2013]. More details on the project are found on the project page.

The take-home examination is an individual, graded examination (F/3/4/5). Your final grade will be based on the take-home exam. However, by handing in individual essays throughout the group project, a student can earn a total of 30 points that are added to the result of the take-home exam. The home exam will have the following grade levels:

  • Failed = < 50 points
  • Grade 3 = 50 - 69 points
  • Grade 4 = 70 - 89 points
  • Grade 5 = > 89 points

The take-home exam will consist of three assignments that approximately should take one day each to solve. The three assignments will correspond to the three steps of the project. Your response to the assignment will be awarded 30 points if it is solved correctly and with a high degree of insight. It will be awarded 20 points if it is largely correct, but has smaller deficiencies, and it will, finally, be rewarded 15 points if the response is partly correct and complete.

This means that a student that does all individual assignments from the project as well as all assignments in the take-home exam can at most achieve a total of 120 points.

The literature for the take-home examination is the same as for the project, but this book can also be used for reference (electronically available through the university library):

  • Cost Justifying Usability: An update for the Internet Age. Randolph G. Bias and Deborah J. Mayhew, Elsevier, Second Edition (2005).

The take-home exam will be issued to the course email list on the 27th of February at 15:00. Deadline for the delivery of the completed take-home exam is 16th of march at midnight. The take-home exam is an individual exam.

The take-home exam document should be sent to matar63.liu at analys.urkund.se to be checked for plagiarism.

Questions during the take-home exam period should be directed to jenny.k.johansson at liu.se or mattias.arvola at liu.se and will be answered during office hours. Expect 24 hours of delay before you get an answer.

The re-exam will be sent out on Monday April 27 in the afternoon. The deadline for that exam will be Friday June 7. Please contact Mattias Arvola a few days before April 27 if you want this re-exam sent to you.

The round-up exam will be sent out on Monday August 19 in the afternoon. The deadline for that exam will be Friday August 30. Please contact Mattias Arvola if you want this round-up exam sent to you. You are welcome back to the course next year if you do not pass the exam on the regular take-home exam, the re-exam or the round-up exam.

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Last updated: 2013-03-27