Artifact: Vision
This artifact defines the view of the stakeholders of the technical solution to be developed. This definition is specified in terms of the key needs and features of the stakeholders. The vision contains an outline of the envisioned core requirements for the system.
Domains: Requirements

This artifact provides a high-level basis for more detailed technical requirements. It captures the technical solution by describing the high-level stakeholder requests and constraints that give an overview of the reasoning, background, and context for detailed requirements. The vision serves as input for communicating the fundamental "what and why" for the project and provides a strategy against which all future decisions can be validated.

The vision should rally team members behind an idea and give them the context for decision-making in the requirements area. The vision must be visible to everyone on the team.

Key Considerations

It is good practice to keep this artifact brief, so you can release it to stakeholders as soon as possible, and to make the artifact easy for stakeholders to read and understand. You can accomplish this by including only the most important features and avoiding details of requirements.

Projects that focus on product development might extend the marketing section and include a more detailed product position statement that is based on their needs and research.

Impact of not havingIf you do not state a vision, stakeholders and the development team might have different expectations of the project. This can lead to cancellation of the project. Misunderstandings and miscommunication about the strategy can cause the project to move from the original vision and create discrepancies in stakeholder expectations.
Reasons for not needingUse this artifact for all but trivial projects.
Representation Options

Typically, the vision is represented in a document. If key stakeholder needs are captured in a requirements management tool, this part of the document can be generated by using reporting capabilities.

If the vision serves a set of projects or an entire program, the overall vision might be divided into several vision work products. In this case, the vision of the program brings the visions together by providing program-specific content and referencing the subordinate visions.

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