Checklist: General Requirements
This checklist provides guidance on assessing the quality of requirements.
Check Items
The requirement is correct

Does the requirement specify a true need, desire, or obligation?

Have you identified the "root cause" for the requirement?

The requirement is complete

Is the requirement stated as a complete sentence?

Is the requirement stated entirely in one place, in a manner that does not force the reader to look at additional information to understand the requirement?

The requirement is clear

Is the requirement unambiguous and not confusing?

Does everyone agree on the meaning of the requirement?

The requirement is consistent

Is the requirement in conflict with other requirements?

Is the terminology used consistent with other requirements and glossary terms?

The requirement is verifiable

Can we determine whether the system satisfies the requirement?

Is it possible to define a clear, unambiguous pass/fail criterion?

Is it possible to determine if the requirement has been met via inspection, analysis, demonstration or test?

The requirement is traceable

Is the requirement uniquely identified so it can be unambiguously referenced?

The requirement is feasible

Can the requirement be satisfied within cost and on schedule?

Is the requirement technically feasible with current technology?

Is the requirement physically achievable?

The requirement is design independent

Are all requirements that impose constraints on the design, limiting design options, justified?

Is the requirement stated in such that there is more than one way that it can be satisfied?

The requirement is atomic

Does the requirement statement define exactly one requirement?

Is the requirement statement free of conjunctions (and, or, but) that may indicate multiple requirements?