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TDDC87 Introduction to IT infrastructures


The main goal of the project:

To study aspects of IT infrastructure and to examine what technological solutions that are available today on the market or are being developed and what impact they have on organizations

  • The groups together with their supervisor choose the topic that is based on your own interest.
  • The project report can describe, for instance, IT infrastructure at a specific company (from a technical perspective) or it can be a deeper study of a certain/specific technological subject.

Project report structure:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
    • Background, objectives/aim, method to perform the study
  • Technology description
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions
  • References
    • MAX 8000 Words

Supervision 1:

Group sign-up

  • Webreg via course home page
  • Deadline 30 Oct, 5 PM


  • First name in each group is the project leader and the group contact person.

Supervision 2:


  • Administrative questions only
  • Response within 24 h
  • [TDDC87 Group name] Topic
    • Vivvi@ida.liu.se
    • pierre.anderberg@gmail.com
    • tomwid@gmail.com

Supervision 3:


  • Two compulsory supervison meetings
  • One optional supervison meeting (Contact your supervisor)

Time for supervision will be announced at the course home page after group sign-in!

Supervision 4:

Project plan:

  • Topic
  • Technical description
  • Time plan
  • Divison of work
  • Chosen method

To discuss att first supervison meeting

Deadline: 6 Nov, 5 PM

Evaluation criteria 1:

Technical proficiency:

  • The report must show good own understanding of technical aspects of the described IT infrastructure
  • Issues such as :computer architecture, Operating systems , computer networks as well as security issues have to be included

Evaluation criteria 2:

  • Analysis, application of the technology in a business, organization, home environment , ect.
  • Problem definition, objectives of the study, the results.
  • References.
  • Report as a whole. Structure, readability, layout, style.
    • 30 points = 3
    • 40 points = 4
    • 45 points = 5

Example: Cash cards:

  • Utility of cash cards
    • History
    • Future
    • Alternative areas of use
  • How they work
    • System architecture
    • Operative system
    • Network
    • Security
  • Effects for the organization or the individual

Example: Project topics:

  • Net doctor
  • Virtual servers
  • E-legitimation
  • Online poker

Important deadlines:

  • Friday 6 Nov, 5 PM
    • Project plan to your supervisor
  • Wednesday 25 Nov, 5 PM
    • Hand-i exercises
  • Wednesday 9 Dec, in time for the seminar
    • Final version of your report
    • Poster

Supervision Meetings:

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