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TDDC87 Introduction to IT infrastructures

Course information

Course AIM

  • Basic knowledge about software and hardware aspects of IT-infrastructure are discussed and analyzed during this course.

  • The general aim of the course is to get insights about the infrastructure of IT; Computer architecture, Operating systems and Computer networks.

After completing this course the students should be able to perform analysis of IT-infrastructure and its relationship with markets aspects, existing standards systems and budgets constrains.


  • The course consists of a series of lectures that covers basic terminology and specific concepts.
  • The students also perform a short project in which they investigate the infrastructure of an IT-based artefact and compare it with other current standards systems.
  • The results of the project are presented in a final seminary .
  • The interaction between workgroups during the final seminary form central parts of the course.

Course contents:

  • Lectures covers mainly three areas:
    1. Computer architecture,
    2. Operating systems, and
    3. Computer networks and its development during the last years.
  • Short project as main examination issue.

Course literature:

  • Englander, I. (2003), The architecture of computer hardware and systems software, 3rd ed, Wiley.
  • E-bok: Tanenbaum, A. S. (2004), Computer networks, 4th Ed, Prentice Hall, (3 chapters are actual for this cours). The book is available at: http://www.bibl.liu.se/

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