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TDDC87 Introduction to IT infrastructures


The course has the following examination items:
  • Written report 2,5 ECTS
  • Hand-in exercises 1,5 ECTS

Instructions for the reaction paper (reflection):

For each lecture given by Juha Takkinen, you will write a reaction paper, which means 4 papers in total.

Requirements on the reaction paper:

  • must be based on relevant course literature for the lecture,
  • independence---not only a summary of the course literature,
  • readability must be good,
  • submitted in time,
  • 1-2 pages, single-line space, Times 12 pt (or equivalent serif font), max three header levels, all numbered
  • on each page header there must the course code, your name and student account ID. Example: "TDDC87 Simon Studentsson simst000".


  • use the citation method: extract key sentences from the literature and react on them,
  • you are assumed to react on the subject, not on the lecturer or the lecture,
  • always attach a list of references and refer to it when you write,
  • check your text for spelling and grammar errors before handing in,
  • connect to the course literature as you write,
  • use many examples,
  • have an opinion of your own,
  • do not be afraid to change your opinion during the course,
  • use an academic writing style.

Submission instructions:

Create a pdf file of your reaction paper. Name the file according to the pattern coursecode-ref_nr-accoundID.pdf. Example: tddc87-ref1-simst000.pdf (everything in lower case), where "ref1" stands for reaction paper 1, numbered after the order of the lectures by Juha Takkinen.

Then, format an e-mail message with the subject "TDDC87: Reaction 1" (if the first paper), attach the paper in pdf and sent it all to the address juhta.liu@analys.urkund.se.

If your paper is incomplete you get the opportunity to hand in a correction. In this case, add "c1" after the paper number in the filename (and "c2" if it is the second time correcting the same paper, etc.); with the above example: tddc87-ref1c1-simst000.pdf. Also, add ", correction " followed by the number to the subject, e.g., "TDDC87:Reaction 1, correction 1".

The last day for handing in reaction papers is, for Juha Takkinen's

  • two first lectures, November 20 at 5:00 P.M., and for the
  • two last lectures, November 27 at 5:00 P.M.

The papers are graded within a week from the submission deadline. If you are asked to send in a correction, do it within a week.

Grading is based on the following aspects:

  • the paper feels well worked-out
  • the author is independent and has an opinion
  • uses relevant literature
  • uses the correct terminology
  • the paper is well-structured and clear
  • good language

The reaction papers are graded U, 3, 4, or 5 (F, C, B, or A in ECTS).

Page responsible: Vivian Vimarlund
Last updated: 2009-11-03