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TDDC86 Compiler Optimizations and Code Generation

Mid-term evaluation 14/9/2009

The course was mid-term-evaluated before the break in the 6th lecture on monday 14/9/2009 (13-15) with the Muddy-card method. 2 students (out of 3 who are following the course regularly) attended this lecture, and I received 2 cards.


Both cards consider that the course is very good, the presentation is very good and well explaining.

Concretely, the following suggestions were made:

  • More repetition of computer architecture concepts as a memory refresher, because it is so fundamental for this course.
  • It would be good if the solutions to the exercises can be made available in case one misses a lesson.

Comments: I will recapitulate the most important computer architecture concepts where needed during the next lectures on code generation.
Unfortunately we have no resources this year to provide solution documents for the exercises. Perhaps one of your colleagues has made notes during the lesson that you can borrow? If there are any specific questions remaining, you can also ask the course assistant.

Thanks for your comments!

Christoph Kessler, course leader TDDC86

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Last updated: 2009-09-14