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Reference material

Reference literature

Please note that you have a printout quota and are not allowed to print entire books using our printer.

Steele, Guy L. (1989) Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition
This is a reference manual for Common Lisp containing descriptions and examples of all functions. It can be very useful to have this in your web browser when you are programming.
Haraldsson, Anders (1993) Programmering i Lisp. Studentlitteratur. ISBN 91-44-39631-7.
We recommend this book as an introduction to Lisp for all Swedish speaking students. It is written by the Lisp lecturer.
Haraldsson, Anders (2005) Hur man använder Allegro Common Lisp via Emacs
This is an introduction in Swedish to the Allegro Common Lisp system we will be using during the labs.
Allegro CL version 8.0
The official documentation of Allegro Common Lisp 8.0 directly from the web pages of Franz Inc. It can be quite technical, but can be good as a reference.
Touretsky, David S. (1990) Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation
This is an older book with an introduction to programming in general and Lisp in particular.
Siebel, Peter (2005) Practical Common Lisp
This book gives several examples of applications of Lisp.
Graham, Paul (1993) On Lisp
For those who are more interested in Lisp, especially how to use macros, this is an excellent book.
Norvig, Peter (1993) Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style
This series of slides discuss what good programming style is and what it looks like in Lisp.
Steele, Guy L. & Gabriel, Richard P. (1993) Evolution of Lisp
For those who are interested, this report describes the earlier history of Lisp and the different implementations and standards that have been developed.


In the labs we use Allegro Common Lisp 8.0 from Franz Inc. If you have a computer of your own, you can download a free express edition of the latest version. It is avaliable for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. However, we regret to inform that we can give no support for your local installations. This link is only provided as information.


The Association of Lisp Users (ALU)
Among other things ALU organizes international Lisp conferences.
The Common Lisp Cookbook
This is a project collecting useful Lisp code.

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