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The Lisp part of the course


The goal of the Lisp section of the course is that the participants shall acquire the following abilities and insights:

  • Ability to write simple programs in Lisp
  • Understanding of the principles of functional programming and use of recrsive functions and higher order functions.
  • Understanding of the principles of programming in an interpretive programming environment where programs and data are easily exchangeable
  • Insight of programming techniques that are used in AI, such as pattern matching and search


The Lisp section consists of a series of lectures and a number of lab sessions.


There are several text books available, and you can see more information and links to some online versions on the resource page. For Swedish students we recommend the textbook by Haraldsson. This is about the only Swedish book on Lisp available. It is used in several other courses at the university, so there should be quite a lot of second hand books available if you do not want a fresh one. In this course, chapters 1-7 and 13 will be covered.

For English speaking students we recommend either the Touretsky or the Siebel book. Both are available online (see the resource page for links). In the Touretsky book you can read chapters 1-9. The text is quite long, so focus mainly on chapters 7-8. All advanced topics can be skipped. The Siebel book has a more practical approach, and it does not cover the course entierly. If you want to use Siebel, read chapters 1-6, 10-13 and 18.

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Last updated: 2008-06-23