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TDDC65 Artificial Intelligens and Lisp

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2009‑08‑24  This year's schedule

The schedule for Fall 2009 can be found in TimeEdit. Please note that Erik Sandewall is the examiner for the course from Fall 2009. Further information can be found on the new course home page.

11/11‑08  Exam

Now you can find examples of old exams on the examination page.


4/11‑08  Next lab deadline

Deadline for labs 4-6 is December 12.

/Jenny Dalenius

5/9‑08  Lab deadline

Deadline for all three Lisp labs is October 10. Please hand in your solutions to me during lab hours or leave them outside my office E 3F:477B (map).

/Jenny Dalenius

25/8‑08  Registration for labs

You must register yourself in a labgroup. We allow you to work in teams of two students. The registration is done in the WebReg system. If you have problem the lab assistant will help you during the first lab. Go to a lab room. See the timetable.

/Anders Haraldsson

25/8‑08  Welcome

You are all welcome to this course, which will be given during the fall, with a Lisp-part during period 1 och the AI-part during period 2.

The first lecture will be today Monday 25 Aug 15-17 in KY24, a room in the KEY-house.

I will at that lecture deliver material, lectures and labb assignments, which you also can find on these www-pages.

/Anders Haraldsson

21/1  Exam results

The grading system for the December exam is as follows:

        ECTS Grades     Swedish Grades
        0-16:      F    0-16:      UK
        16.5-17.5: E    16.5-25.5: 3
        18-22.5:   D    26-33.5:   4
        23-31.5:   C    34-40:     5
        32-35.5:   B
        36-40:     A
See the exam and solutions to selected questions.

14/12  Extended deadline

For those of you who can not manage to hand in the labs in time, there is an extended, hard deadline. The labs should be corrected and you should have passed all the labs before january 10. This means that you should hand in the labs for correction no later than january 8 in case you do not pass directly. After january 10, I will not have the time to correct your labs continuously. /Karolina

10/12  Printed versions of the labs

Please note that I need all your labs printed and put inside a lab cover properly signed. You can hand them in using the mail box near Cafe Java. /Karolina

4/12  Exam

Please see the exam information. /Peter

7/11  Deadlines for the AI labs

The deadline for the AI labs is 15/12. /Karolina

31/10  The GUI in lab 4 does not work

The GUI for the vacuum cleaner does not work for some reason. I will take a look at it as soon as possible to make it up and running again. Until then do not do the

(load "/home/TDDA23/www-pub/mtrl/labs/ailabs/agentgui/agent-gui.cl")

command. The lab system will however work correctly anyway. /Karolina

12/9  Deadlines for the labs

The deadline for the first three labs concerning lisp is 12/10. You may give the labs to me during a lab session or put them in the post box. The post box is situated near Cafe Java. Put the lab in a brown envelope and write my name on it and slide it into the post box. /Karolina

27/8  For students in masterprogram Statistics, Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery

There are collisions with the lecture and labs on Monday and Tuesday this week with the Introductory course for these master students. This overlap depends on that this course is handled by the Institute of Technology and the masterprogram is given by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The time schedules are not coordinated.

An extra lecture (the second lecture given Monday 15-17) will also be given Wednesday 29 Aug 8-10 in room John von Neuman at IDA (The department of computer and information science) in House B entrance 27, second floor, /Anders

17/8  Updated web pages

The web pages are updated with material and information concerning the first part of the course. Note that TDDC65 replaces TDDA23 from now on. /Peter

1/6  New course

The web pages are generated automatically and have in some cases a very rudimentary content.

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