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TDDC65 Artificial Intelligens and Lisp

Course information

General information for the 2009 coure

The aim of this course is to introduce concepts, methods and applications of artificial intelligence as well as software techniques that are used for implementing them. Some insight into theoretical aspects of artificial intelligence will also be covered briefly.

The course will be entirely reorganized during 2009 compared to earlier years. In particular the AI aspect will be emphasized more strongly and the Lisp part will be modified to a more principled coverage of AI programming techniques. For these reasons, if you are going to take the course during this semester then please disregard the contents of the present webpage structure which reflects the older contents of the course, and use the new course webpage at http://www.ida.liu.se/ext/TDDC65/. The present pages will be left in place for the benefit of students that took the course during the two previous years that wish to refer back to the description of the course they took.

Notice in particular that the textbooks that are referenced in the official course information will not be obligatory in the 2009 version of the course. The course will be based on literature that is available on the web, including my own lecture notes, selected wikipedia pages, and tutorial memos by other authors. All of these are open-source so you will not need to pay for them.

The schedule for the course will be simple: lectures (fvreldsningar) usually on Mondays between 15 and 17 hours, and tutorial sessions (lektioner) on Fridays between 8 and 10 and between 10 and 12, for two tutorial groups. Lab exercises are organized so that students can do them on their own computers, if they wish, but PC computers will also be available in "PUL" for students that prefer this alternative.

By way of exception, however, the first lecture of the course will be on Wednesday, September 2, beginning at exactly 13.15 hours and in lecture hall BL32. Please refer to the full new course page for more detailed information about the contents of each lecture and other plans for the course.

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