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TDDC65 Artificial Intelligens and Lisp


OBS! This information concerns last years course! The exam for 2009 is 22 December, 14-18.

When is the written exam?

The exam is 20 December 2008 14.00-18.00. You must register for the exam no later than 10 December via the Student portal. After that date you will recieve an e-mail with information on where the exam takes place. For more information on the procedures surrounding written examinations, see the Student's Examination Guide.

If you do not pass the exam, there will be two more opportunities during the next year. The dates for these exams are not yet set. They are decided by the faculty, and will be published sometime in January.

What will be covered in the exam?

The exam will cover the material presented during the lectures, the lab assignments and of course the textbooks: Haraldsson (or English alternatives) for the Lisp programming part, Russell & Norvig for the AI part. For the AI part, only the chapters noted in the lecture overview will be covered.

Are there examples of old exams?

Here are the exams from last year:

The exam for this year will look a lot like the exams from last year in terms of choice of areas and coverage. However, this years exam might also include more general questions about the history of artificial intelligence and agent architechture.

There is also a page with older exams. These are from previous incarnations of the course. Please note that the course might have covered different chapters of the book previously, so skip questions that does not seem to fit the current course. I have also translated the suggested answers to the exam from 2003-12-16 into English.

Frequently asked questions about the exam

What are we allowed to bring to the exam?
If you think you need it, you can bring a general English dictionary, without any notes in it. Otherwise you cannot bring any books, notes or calculators.

Are we going to write LISP functions or will the questions be like "What does the following LISP code do?"?
There will definitely be questions where you are required to write LISP code, but no large functions.

Will tables of logical equivalences be included in the exam?
Yes, for all questions where that kind of tables are required, these will be included in the exam. You do not have to memorize them. Just practice the method.

What language will be used during the exam?
The exam itself will be in English, but you can write your answers in either English or Swedish.

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Last updated: 2009-12-16