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TDDC63 Interactive Form

Timetable + Deadlines


The timetable for 2017 is now avaliable.


All assignments are handed in to Lisam.
2017-11-13: 13.00: Deadline Interactive form 1
2017-11-27, 10.00: Deadline Interactive form 2
2017-12-06, 8.00: Deadline Interactive form 3
2017-12-20, 17.00: Deadline Individual designwork

All supplementary submissions are handed in to the examiner.
2017-02-02, 17.00: Supplementary examination deadline for all assignments
2017-03-16, 17.00: Roundup deadline for all assignments

You are welcome back to next year's course if you miss the roundup deadline.

Time Planning

Spend about one week of work on the Design work assignment, 2 work days on each of the three Interacive Form assignements, and about two weeks of work on reading the course literature.


All lectures are given in English. Supervision and examination sessions are held in combinations of Swedish and English. The slides below are from last year's lectures and will most likely be updated before the lecture. Updated lecture slides are marked with "New!".

Lecture 1: Course introduction New! Read the course home pages.

Lecture 2: Inspection New! (Lewis & Reiman, 1993)

Lecture 3: Design qualities New! (Arvola, 2010)

Lecture 4: Visual communication New! (Johnson, 2010)

Lecture 5: Design patterns NEW! (Tidwell, 2011)

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Last updated: 2017-12-12