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TDDC47 Real-Time and Concurrent Programming

Real-time Reseach


At RTSLAB (Real-Time Systems Laboratory) we conduct research in the areas of dependability and resource allocation in distributed systems.

Among the topics addressed under the term dependability are:

  •  Formal analysis of safety and fault-tolerance
  • Availabilty and survivability in critical infrastructures

Within resource allocation and distributed systems topics range over:

  • Quality of service (QoS) guarantees for real-time databases
  • Resource constrained embedded databases
  • Optimal resource allocation in wireless mobile networks

RTSLAB combines the above expertise areas in projects treating configurable components in real-time, fault-tolerant, and safety-critical systems.

At RTSLAB we offer a wide range of master thesis (examensarbete) proposals. For list of available research proposals see the master thesis proposal pages of  RTSLAB.


Other labs that carry out research in real-time systems:

ESLAB (Embedded Systems Laboratory)
PELAB (Programming Environments Laboratory)

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Last updated: 2005-10-26