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TDDC47 Real-Time and Concurrent Programming



Below you can find a preliminary plan for the lectures.
Reading guidelines can be found in the course literature web page. We have slides from last year posted here for your information (it states autumn 2009 in the footer). At least one day before the lecture the updated versions will be posted.

Lecture Topic
1 (pdf) Introduction
2 (pdf)
3 (pdf)
4 (pdf)
Concept of process, concurrent programming, inter-process communication, critical sections, synchronisation (semafors and monitors), deadlocks, Banker's algorithm
5 (pdf)
6 (pdf)
7 (pdf)
8 (pdf)
Scheduling and real-time communication
Classical scheduling for hard real-time systems
Hard real-time systems, cyclic scheduling, rate monotonic scheduling, earliest deadline first scheduling, deadline monotonic scheduling, response-time analysis, protocols for handling shared resources, execution-time analysis. Introduction to computer networks, Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) and Controller Area Network (CAN)
9 (pdf) Dependability and fault tolerance
10 (pdf) Guest Lecturer
- Resource session
Summing up. Questions by students will be discussed in class.


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