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TDDC47 Real-Time and Concurrent Programming

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23/3‑2011  Demonstration of labs

For those who haven't passed the laboratory part of the course and want to demonstrate their solutions, please contact your lab assistant to schedule a suitable time.

3/12‑2010  Exercise solutions updated

The solutions to exercies 3.1 and 3.2 have been updated to fix a minor error in the initial value for the recurrence relation of the busy period. The final result is not affected.

19/11‑2010  Answer for exercise 1.5

There is a small error in the solution for exercise 1.5. It is stated that Hold&wait cannot occur. It should say that circular wait cannot occur.

12/11‑2010  Muddy card evaluaion

The results of the muddy card evaluation is now posted here

9/11‑2010  Schedule change.

In order to better fit the lessons with the letures, lecture 8 and lesson 4 have moved. Please see the timetable. The changes are also visible in timeedit.

2/11‑2010  No schedule change.

The lecture on November 12 will be given as originally planned.

18/10‑2010  Welcome to the course!

In 2010 the course has gone through a renewal process. We are now running fewer topics with new labs that give a deeper understanding of the process part of the course. Any student registered on earlier versions of this course that have not passed the lab part need to retake the new labs. The first lecture takes place on Tuesday October 26th at 8:15.

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