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TDDC47 Real-Time and Concurrent Programming

Course information


This course consists of two parts: concurrent programming and real-time systems. It combines part of the classic course on operating systems (process part) with part of real-time systems course (hard real-time constraints).


The course includes lectures, lessons and labs. All the information about deadlines and examination of the labs will be on the lab pages. The theoretical part of the course is covered by the lectures and some lessons. The first lesson will introduce the labs and it will be important for getting into the labs with less effort. In other lessons theory exercises are solved and discussed.

To help you judge the level of knowledge after the first part of the theory (concurrent programming) we have a set of questions "kunskapsprov" that is posted on the examination page and will be corrected by teachers if it is handed in.


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Last updated: 2010-10-19