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TDDC47 Real-Time and Concurrent Programming



The course has two examination components:

LAB1 - LAB - 1,5 Points
TEN1 - TEN - 4,5 Points

The following is allowed on the written exam occasion:

  • english-swedish-english dictionary
  • basic calculator

No other tools are allowed. Relevant parts of this formula sheet will be included in the exam.

Details of the lab examination can be found on the lab pages. Note that there is a deadline associated with the labs.

Diagnostic test

Since the content in the second part of the course assumes that you have covered the first part of the course, there is a diagnostic tool "kunskapsprov" that you should try to do at the middle of the course. If you hand in your solutions to the "kunskapsprov" exercises before end of week 45 we will correct them by the beginning of week 47.


Earlier exam examples

Some material in earlier versions of the course were geared towards controller performance in real-time systems, or feedback scheduling. From 2010 we have simplified the structure of the course and removed these topics. Other parts are still relevant. Answers to these exams are not available, but we will comment your solutions if they are left in the box outside the teachers' rooms or sent via email.

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