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TDDC36 Logic

Course information


  • 6 hp (ECTS)


  • Lectures: 9x2hrs.
  • Seminars: 9x2hrs.


  • Lectures: not obligatory (but recommended and helpful).
  • Seminars: not obligatory (but recommended and helpful).
  • Exam: written exam at the end of the curse (obligatory).

Course contents

  1. Introduction to logics. Propositional calculus.
  2. Propositional calculus: tableaux, deductive systems (Gentzen and Hilbert-like).
  3. Propositional calculus: resolution. Applications.
  4. Predicate calculus. Synax and semantics. Tableaux.
  5. Predicate calculus: deductive systems (Gentzen and Hilbert-like).
  6. Predicate calculus: resolution. Applications.
  7. Deductive databases.
  8. Modal and temporal logics.
  9. Repetition.

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Last updated: 2007-11-05