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TDDC33 Design for Test of Digital Systems


General rules on laboration

Lab registration

  • Please sign up for the lab through WebReg.
  • Questions regarding the registration are answered by the course assistant Dimitar Nikolov.
  • Last day for the registration is Monday 10th September 2012.

Lab requirements

  • The lab assignments should be solved individually.
  • Lab reports should be handed in with the lab covers which you can find in the printing rooms.
  • Last day of handing in the report of lab 1 is Wednesday 19th September 2012.
  • Last day of handing in the report of lab 2 is Monday         1st October      2012.
  • Last day of handing in the report of lab 3 is Monday       15th October      2012.
  • A lab report handed in after the corresponding deadline will not be reviewed.
  • If your lab report is returned, you have up to 7 days to hand in a new lab report.
    Days are counted from the date you receive the notification email from the lab assistant.
  • For a returned lab report, you get only one more chance to hand in new results.
    After the update, no more new results will be accepted for review.
  • There will be two preliminary exams (dugga). From each preliminary exam, you can get up to 5 points.
    The exams are scheduled on
    • Wednesday 19th September 2012 (during the lab session) and
    • Wednesday 10th October      2012 (during the lab session)

Lab lesson notes

Lab Instructions

  • See instructions for preparing the lab and the tutorial for tools used in the lab: [LabInstructions.pdf]

Lab assignments

  • Lab assignment 1: Test pattern generation [Lab1.pdf]
  • Lab assignment 2: Design for test [Lab2.pdf]
  • Lab assignment 3: Board test using Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.1) [Lab3.pdf]
  • Lab assignment 4: Boundary Scan in Action [Lab4.pdf]

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Last updated: 2012-08-30