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TDDC33 Design for Test of Digital Systems


Examinations items

The course has the following two examination items:

  • TEN1 - Written Exam - 3 ECTS: The written exam is marked with grades 3, 4, or 5.
  • LAB1 - Laboration - 3 ECTS: A serie of lab assignments, solved individually by each student.
    The laboration is marked with grades U (failed) and G (pass).

Written exam

  • The questions and instructions will be given in English.
  • You may write the answers in Swedish or in English.
  • Allowed aids in the written exam includes dictionary between English and your native language.
    No books, no notes, and no papers are allowed to be taken for the written exam.

Do not forget course registration!

  • We are not entitled to correct exams and report results for students who are not registered on the course.
  • If you forgot to register, please follow for correct form, which is to be signed by Patrick Lambrix (director of studies): forms.

Lab bonus

  • There is a fixed deadline for each of the three lab assignments.
  • By taking the preliminary exam (dugga), you can get up to 10 points in the final exam. However, points from the preliminary exam can only be reported if you have passed the labs.
  • This means that, you may get up to 40 points in the final examination, including a maximum 30 points for the written exam and a maximum 10 points for the labs.

Dates for up-coming written exams

  • See the central exam date search engine for TDDC33.

Old Exams

  • Here are some exams that have been given in previous versions of the course: Example Exam (PDF)
  • Here are an example of the preliminary exam (dugga): Example Dugga (PDF)

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Last updated: 2011-08-25