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TDDC32 Design and implementation of a software module in Java

Reading material

Essential reading
  • Lecture slides.
    • Recommended main literature is Michael T. Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (Fifth Edition). Wiley.
      • Chapters: 2, 9, 10 (not 10.5), 14.3
    • The following tutorials on UML diagrams.

    Additional reading

    • The Java Tutorial
      • For Java programming. Threads, GUI, networking, database interface. Very good beginner to moderate level online resource.
    • Course book by Michael T. Goodrich och Roberto Tamassia.
      • Extra material for the book is to be found here.
      • Chapter 4 if you have trouble understanding and motivating the complexity of data structure operations.
      • The entire book for a refreshment in data structures and algorithms, Java and OO. As a good alternative on datastructures and algorithms, you can also read one of Mark Allen Weiss' books on the subject.
    • The compendiums of Tommy Olsson for a concise and comprehensive description of OOAD and DS&As in Swedish.
    • Further resources on UML
      • UML Resource page of the Object Management group -- includes the latest version of the UML specification
      • UML 2.5 resource site -- inludes latest notation documentation and lots of examples


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