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TDDC32 Design and implementation of a software module in Java
(4 points / 6 ECTS)


Latest News...

2013‑07‑29  Exam viewing session

There will be an opportunity to look at your graded exams from 7 June and give comments on Monday 26 August at 12.00-12.30 in Donald Knuth, IDA House B, first floor.

2013‑05‑28  Project work

Your projects have now been graded. The grading protocols may be fetched from the outbox of your assistant (between SU11 and the printer room). Your assigned grade is also visible here.

2013‑05‑14  Project work

The course team is hard at work grading your many fine projects. We aim to be ready by the 28th of May.

2013‑05‑07  Lab deadlines

For those that missed the lab deadlines in February or have completion work to be done, the deadline is 24th of May 2013. The final deadline for any completion work occuring as a result of demonstrations in week 21 is 5th of June 2013.

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