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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Seminar 6: Reviewing papers (UPG1)

In preparation for this final seminar, you will have written a paper on a topic of your own and reviewed two to three other papers from other students in your respective teams.

Writing a paper

Please see the page on writing papers for more information.

Reviewing a paper

Each paper shall be reviewed according to the rubric, and for each item in the rubric, you shall select and justify in writing one of the grades that best describe each paper.


Write drafts of your papers according to the instructions given, review two to three of the other papers in your lab teams using the grading rubric and hand in your submissions before the seminar. Make sure every paper gets two reviews. Bring your reviews to the seminar and distribute them to each other at or directly after the seminar. Each person must bring his or her submissions to the seminar as well, and be prepared to share his or her review comments with the others' in the team (in paper form or electronically).

The drafts of your papers should contain the format of the paper, the introduction, literature background, and rationale for why a certain design pattern is affected by, or affects, a certain context (application, language, framework or paradigm), and a clear and concrete description of how you will assess the utility of the design pattern. Please use the literature overview paper when choosing what overall question to use when evaluating a design pattern.

Although we will not enforce a deadline for distributing submissions within your teams, we do suggest you allow some time for reviewing each others' submissions prior to seminar 6, so make sure to submit to each other your reports no later than TIME X.

Procedure of the seminar

During the seminar, you will get to present comments to one another on the papers you have read. Go through each paper, and for each topic in the rubric, justify your evaluations of each paper so that your fellow students will understand why you evaluated each paper the way you did.

After the seminar, you will have some time to rework your papers based on your peers’ comments (see the timetable for the final submission deadline), and you will also receive general comments from the course staff on your submissions, and how you should improve your papers.

Passing requirements

This seminar is part of UPG1, and has the following requirements:

  • Submission of paper before the seminar.
  • Reviewing two to three student papers before the seminar.
  • Active participation during the seminar.

Submissions are done individually.

Send a copy of your report as well as your reviews to your teaching assistant’s email address for UPG1. Consult the Staff page if you are unsure what this address is, and consult WebReg if you are not sure who your assistant is. In the subject line of your email, state clearly the name of the course and the number of the seminar as exemplified below:

TDDB84: Submission Seminar 6

In the signature, state clearly your names and student IDs as illustrated below:

Name (student ID) and
Name (student ID)

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