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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Seminar 3: Paper Summary (UPG1)

During this seminar, you will discuss a research paper on Design Pattern effects that you have read, as well as the criteria for writing your own paper about a topic related to the use of design patterns.


All students will need to read the following source of information on Software Quality as an introduction:

Also, all students shall read the following paper, which provides an overview of research on Design Patterns through a systematic literature review:

and read the rubric on how to write and evaluate a paper in TDDB84.

You will need to summarize the important parts of the paper together, and focus on these questions:

  • What different types of research have been conducted on Design Patterns?
  • What empirical results have the authors found related to the impact of Design Patterns on software quality?
  • What methods do the authors describe that other studies have used to support claims about properties of Design Patterns?

Also, you will need to prepare by selecting a topic that you would like to write about as the final paper in the course.

  • Write a short description of your proposed paper topic along with your summary of the research paper on the empirical findings on the utility of Design Patterns. Your paper proposals can be submitted along with your summaries that you made in pairs, but you must make sure to distinguish what topic proposal concerns whom.

The seminar

During the first half of the seminar, you will compare your summaries in your teams and formulate common answers to the questions above.

During the second half of the seminar, we will go through the format for writing papers and the grading rubric that you will use. Also, you will present your proposals for thesis topics and discuss how to write a good paper.

Passing requirements

This seminar is part of UPG1, and has the following requirements:

  • Handing in a summary of the research paper above before the seminar, focusing on the questions that are to be discussed during the seminar. Submissions are done in pairs, the same pairs you work in during the lab series.

    Submit your individual proposed paper topic (you can do that in your pair submission if marked appropriately).

    Send your report to your teaching assistant’s email address. Consult the Staff page if you are unsure what this address is, and consult WebReg if you are not sure who your assistant is. In the subject line of your email, state clearly the name of the course and the number of the seminar as exemplified below:

    TDDB84: Submission Seminar 3
    In the signature, state clearly your names and student IDs as illustrated below:
    Name (student ID) and
    Name (student ID))
  • Active participation during the seminar.

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