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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Course Lectures

The lectures this year will be given online and posted here, apart from the introductory lecture.

Apart from my online lectures, I can recommend Derek Banas' video tutorial on design patterns, based on the Head First Design Patterns book.

Most of the code used to exemplify design patterns exists in the course's gitlab repository for code examples where it can also be viewed online.

The anatomy of design patterns: lab 1, seminar 2

This video gives an overview of two types of design patterns that you will encounter during the first lab: patterns for constructing objects, and dealing with complex object structures.

These videos give som concrete examples of how some of the design patterns in the video above can be used, and what they look like in real code.

Factory Method

I claim that you will see two different implementations of an interpreter in the first lab, which is actually not correct this year (2016). Just ignore that..

There are also a number of Youtube videos on the State, Visitor and Bridge Design Patterns I encourage you to look at.

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