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TDDB84 Design Patterns

Lab 1 — Design Pattern Fundamentals


The workflow of the first two labs is illustrated on the right-hand side of the page. Workflow Flowchart


The lab is composed of three tasks described in the following document:

Please note that Java 8 will be required, so please do module add prog/jdk/8 and module initadd prog/jdk/8.

The corresponding source code can be cloned from Gitlab. Please note that there are three directories in the repository, each with a separate Eclipse project structure for tasks A, B, & C. You are required to use Gitlab for sharing your results.

Submitting Results

The submission of the lab report is done after the corresponding seminar (see the corresponding seminar for information to submit to the groups and seminar assistant).

Send your report to your lab assistant’s email address for LAB1. Consult the Staff page if you are unsure what this address is. In the subject line of your email, state clearly the name of the course and the number of the lab as exemplified below:

TDDB84: Submission Lab 1
In the signature, state clearly your names and student IDs as illustrated below:
Name (student ID) and
Name (student ID)

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