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TDDB84 Design Patterns


Sept 20, 2017  Lab 3 instructions clarified

The instructions for lab 3 now reflect the fact that you are allowed to conduct the third lab individually on topics that will benefit your final papers in the course.

Sept 14, 2017  Timetable updated

Based on a request from the Muddy cards evaluation, I have updated the Timetable page with more details on the exact procedures for submission before each seminar.

Sept 12, 2017  Seminar 3 text

On the page pertaining to seminar 3, the text has been updated to reflect the fact that only two references are necessary reading: definitions of Software Quality and a literature review on design pattern effectiveness.

Sept 8, 2017  Lab 1 submissions

Due to issues with the lab environments, you are allowed to postpone submissions to assistants to after the seminars. However, you will need to be prepared to present and discuss the solutions that you have come up with during the seminar even if they are not complete.

Dec 12, 2016  UPG1 results re-submissions

Final results for UPG1 have now been submitted to LADOK. The timetable has also been updated with re-submission dates for the final papers.

Oct 22, 2016  Final submission link updated

The final submission link to Urkund now directs to the inbox for Fall 2016.

Oct 17, 2016  Video lecture posted

There is a new video lecture posted on the lectures page on how to write papers. Good luck everyone!

Oct 12, 2016  Final lecture cancelled

The final lecture October 14 will be replaced by an online video lecture. I will post it Monday, October 17 at the latest and notify you when I do.

Oct 4, 2016  Update of the grading of sample papers

The grading rubric for 2016 has now been used to grade the sample papers that are provided for you.

Sept 15, 2016  Update of the Rubric for final papers

The grading rubric for 2016 has now been updated to clarify grading.

Sept 13, 2016  Small update to lab 2 description

Instead of TradeContext, you may look at the TradeStatus enum in class DiplomaticTrade.

Aug 31, 2016  Lecture 2 slides available

See the lectures page.

Aug 30, 2016  Seminar 1 code example updated

After some feedback on the code example for which you are supposed to propose a UML design until the first seminar, we have updated the code example on the page pertaining to seminar 1 [1]. It is a little more elaborate, but also illustrates the use of certain design principles that we will talk about more during the first seminar.

Aug 17, 2016  Course web being updated

The course web is currently being updated to reflect the new edition of TDDB84 for the Fall of 2016. Welcome everyone!

October 15, 2015  Added final lecture, FAQ

I added an FAQ on writing papers, and a PDF with the final lecture.

September 11, 2015  Added videos

I added some more videos to the lectures pages, and divided them according to the seminar/lab where they are most directly needed.

September 8, 2015  Clarification on lab 1C

I added some examples to the description of lab 1C to clarify the intended use of the case expression type.

September 8, 2015  Solution proposal for Seminar 1

I added a proposed solution to Seminar 1.

September 3, 2015  Expanded the menu

I expanded the left-hand menu to provide quick access to all seminars in the course. Hope that makes it a little more convenient to find information.

September 3, 2015  Uploaded some more videos

The lectures page has a few new videos on the Design Patterns you will encounter in lab 1. I use the code examples from the lab to explain some of the features of the design patterns there.

September 1, 2015  Clarification of information

The information on submission deadlines, submission procedures for the seminars and how the seminars, labs (LAB1) and the written assignments (UPG1) fit together has been updated.

August 20, 2015  Welcome to the new edition of the course!

The course starts in a little more than a week, and I am looking very much forward to seeing you all this fall in this year's installment of the Design Patterns course. The first lecture is Monday, August 31st 13-17.

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