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TDDB84 Design Patterns (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2014




Welcome to the home page of the course TDDB84 Design Patterns.

Latest News...

January 21, 2015  Exam graded

The exam January 7 has now been posted on the exam page.

October 20, 2014  Final lecture slides online

The slides for the final lecture are now online.

September 15, 2014  Example modifications in lab 2 description

Lab 2 requires you to test software and attempt refactoring steps that could help you in testing. Two concrete such modifications are now listed on the lab description page.

September 10, 2014  Exam results August

The results from the exam in August have now been graded, and you are supposed to receive results no later than tomorrow, those of you who took the exam.

September 10, 2014  No course books during the exam

The exam page has been updated to reflect the fact that course books will NOT be allowed. The reason is that course books actually make it harder for students, since many questions about properties of design patterns cannot be asked if the course book is allowed during the exam, since it is then harder to verify during grading that students have learned the material.

September 3, 2014  Questions and Answers

If you have any questions regarding the labs, head to the Q&A forum in Moodle for search for an answer. In case your question is not there yet, feel free to post it, and we will get back to you shortly.

A little later, September 1, 2014  Teams ready!

Most of you have now been assigned to teams, listed on the lab overview page. Please make sure to contact your fellow students and meet with them during the lab session tomorrow. For those of you who have yet to be divided into teams, let us know and we will make sure to arrange that as soon as you are registered on the course properly.

September 1, 2014  Course start

The course now starts with a 4h introductory lecture in KMC 13-17, where the course will be introduced. Welcome!

April 29, 2014  Course revision

The course information is continuously updated to reflect the content and scope of the course for the fall of 2014.

March 19, 2014  Course information update

Information about the upcoming 2014 edition of the course is being posted on the page with course information. There is a proposal to revise the examination and the formulations of the goals of the course.

Course Literature

The course literature consists of online resources and scientific papers mostly, but there is also a valuable textbook on Design Patterns:

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides

Hardcover: 395 pages
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (January 15, 1995)
Language: English
ISBN: 0201633612

Page responsible: Ola Leifler
Last updated: 2014-08-11