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TDDD16/TDDB44 Mid-term Evaluation
2/12 - 2009

by Peter Fritzson

The courses TDDD16 and TDDB44 have been mid-term evaluated.



  • Pretty good course book.
  • The Lab Compendium should be made available on the course homepage.
  • Would like the course to be more theory-oriented and less implementation-oriented.
  • Interesting topic.
  • No complaints, overall a very good course.
  • Lots of real-life examples.
  • Interesting topic.
  • What is most important to know should be more clearly emphasised.
  • Everything good except that the laboratory exercises started too late.
  • Enough exercises and repetitions.
  • More exercises.


  • The number of the lecture in question should be added to the first page of the downloadble lecture slides.
  • Good with exercises during the lectures since it is difficult to stay focused if the lecturer talks for a long time.
  • The lectures covered basic data structure and algorithm concepts in too much detail.
  • Good lectures and good lecturer.
  • The lectures are too slow, bad language, good slides.
  • The lectures were poorly prepared, the exercises were given too much time (given that most of them were pretty easy to solve). End the exercises earlier, move them to the end of the lecture or move them to the lessons.
  • Good slides.
  • Good lectures in general but perhaps too slow.
  • Good slides.
  • Sometimes the lectures were a little bit slow.
  • The lectures felt a bit crash-course like. And they could be more entertaining.
  • I like having small exercises in the middle of lectures to keep students alert.


  • TDDD16: The lesson instructions should be updated.
  • TDDD16: More lessons with the intention of introducing the labs.
  • The lessons do not help that much.
  • What is the purpose of the lessons. They do not cover that much more than the lectures. Make them more laboratory-oriented?
  • Good with extra repetition before the labs.
  • Good lessons.
  • The lessons are not that necessary, one can simply read the slides alone.

Laboratory Exercises

  • TDDD16: Labs must be updated.
  • TDDD16: Update the lab instructions.
  • Too many exercises but they complement the lectures in a good way.
  • The exercises and the lab assistants were good.
  • Good compendium and relevant content. Good.
  • The lab assistant (Kristian) is difficult to talk to.
  • Too many exercises (too much work).
  • Not enough available sun machines for doing the exercises.
  • The lab instructions should be rewritten. Some things are out of date or have changed. And there are a number of errors in them.

Thank you for the feedback!

-- Peter Fritzson, examiner and course leader

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