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Lectures & planning

Preliminary planning of the lectures with the corresponding chapters from the second edition of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP).

Period VT1

  • Lecture 1.pdf, handouts: (SICP 1, 3.1-3.2)
    Functional and the substitution model of evaluation
  • Lecture 2.pdf, handouts: (SICP 1, 3.1-3.2)
    Hierarchical data structures
    Higher order functions
  • Lecture 3.pdf, handouts: (SICP 1, 3.1-3.2)
    Functional and imperativ programming
    The substitution and the environment models
    Assignment EnvDiagrams.pdf
  • Lecture 4.pdf, handouts: (SICP 3.1-3.2, 3.3.5)
    Object oriented programming
    Objects with locak state
    Environment model (cont.)
    Constraint propagation
  • Lecture 5.pdf, handouts: (SICP 3.5)
    delayed evaluation
    lazy evaluation, call-by-name, call-by-need
  • Lecture 6.pdf, handouts: (SICP 4.1-4.1.6)
    An interpreter for Scheme
    Language extension and macros

Period VT2

  • Lecture 7, handouts: (SICP 4.2)
    An interpreter for Scheme (cont.)
    Static and dynamic binding
    Parameter passing
    Type inference
  • Lecture 8, handouts: (SICP 4.1.7)
    Separation of the syntactic analysis and the execution
  • Lecture 9, handouts: (SICP 4.3)
    Non-deterministic programming
  • Lecture 10, handouts: (SICP 4.4)
    Declarative and procedural programming
    Logic programming
    Interpreter for a logic programming language
  • Lecture 11:, handouts
    Guest Lecturer: Prof. Anders Haraldsson: Reflektioner på kursen. Lisps påverkan. Kopplingar och trender till dagens programspråk - lanbda-uttryck, closure/procdurobjekt, nya standarder för C++, Java, nya dynamiska språk, Python, Scala, Clojure. Egen forskning - partialevaluering - samband mellan interpretator och kompilator i relation till kursen.
  • Lecture 12:, handouts

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