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769A12 Intelligent Virtual Agents and Social Robots



2-3 persons are seminar leaders for each seminar. They prepare a short (5-15 min) introduction/overview of the area covered by the articles. They also prepare several (5-10 topics or questions to discuss during the seminar.

All participants read the mandatory papers an participate in the discussion during the seminare. The puropse of the discussions is to understand the paperas and form an understanding of the state of the art in the area concerning research question, theories and methods

The seminars are mandatory. A missed seminar is compensated by writing 3-5 pages of discussion on a selection of at least 3 questions/topics that were discussed during the seminar. This should be handed in 6/12, 17/1 or 28/2

Individual assignment/project

The individual assignment can be a literature review, a small empirical study, or practical work with design or implementation of an aspect of a virtual agent or robot.

More details will be given during the first lecture

  • E-mail your topic to Annika latest 25 October.
  • The report is e-mailed to Annika 6 December (or 3 January) at 8.00.
  • The reports are distributed for peer review 6 December (or 3 January)
  • Written comments on two reports are a-mailed to Annika 10 December (or 7 January) at 17.00
  • Oral presentation and discussion 14 December (or 11 january)
  • Final version of the report is e-mailed to Annika 14/1
  • Two extra examination dates are 28/2 and Friday week 33 2022.

Grades on course

The course has two parts

  • Preparation and participation in seminars (2 hp)
  • An individual assignment, including peer-review of two other participants (4 hp)

The seminars have U/G. The individual assignment have U/G/VG.
For the grade G on the course both parts should have G, for VG on the course, the individual assignment must be VG.

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