TDDD41/732A75: Association Analysis -1




Submit a report on your experiments and results as well as answers to all questions in the text. In addition to the experiment described in the text (3 clusters, 3 bins) your report should include discussion about at least two out of 3 possible varitions.

When running experiments with different variations, make sure you reload the data and reapply the AddCluster filter. In each of the 3 (or 4) experiments you should identify at least one (possibly the best) association rule for each of the clusters (Hint: numOfRules parameter). In addition, try to explain the differences between results in different experiments as well as reasons for why these differences occured.

When explaining the experiments there is no need for explaining every step of the process (such as which buttons were clicked, etc). It is enough to say which algorithm was run and which arguements were used. In addition, do not copy-paste the full outputs from the tool. When presenting the results, present only those parts of the output which are relevant for what you are trying to explain. Avoid writing statements without motivation, such as "Results are better/worse." In other words, explain in what respect they are better/worse and why this happened.