TDDD41/732A75: Clustering Lab




Submit a report describing your experiments. This should include the reasons why certain parameters/attributes/values were chosen, explanation of the procedure, and the explanation of the results. When explaining the experiments there is no need for explaining every step of the process (such as which buttons were clicked, etc). It is enough to say which algorithm was run and which arguements were used. In addition, do not copy-paste the full outputs from the tool. When presenting the results, present only those parts of the output which are relevant for what you are trying to explain. In cases where you are asked to compare different experiments, you should first compare the results and then try to reason about why the changes in the results occured (did not occur). Avoid writing statements without motivation, such as "Results are better/worse." In other words, explain in what respect they are better/worse and why this happened. Your lab report should also include the answers to all questions in the text.