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732A74 Introduction to Python

This page contains some links that might be of interest to students of Python.


  • pythontutor.com. Visualises how variables are looked up (what's a local scope? Enclosing?) and how they change through and execution.

  • wtfpython. Understanding Python through weird (or "weird") cases. Probably not the best introduction, but might be interesting to those with some programming background.

Systems, Linux

  • Julia Evans' drawings sometimes provide rather useful explanations of - for instance - Linux concepts. Check out Julia's drawings (in particular, Unix permissions explains the "why" of the "chmod u+x" line). She also publishes zines on wizardzines.com. If you want a copy of Bite Size Command Line, I have been allowed to provide it to students (it's under CC license, but we were asked to avoid providing the file). They look a bit silly, but are useful.
  • If you speak Swedish, the quickstart guide/lathund to Linux and Emacs used in CS programme courses might be useful.


  • If you're interested in regular expressions (highly useful when dealing with text, but not required in this course in 2019!), you might find regexcrossword.com a fun (and educational) resource. A slightly trickier version is the MIT scavenger hunt hexagonal regex crossword (PDF). A game where you go the other direction, constructing Regexes, would be Regex Golf.
  • NPTEL Software testing (course closely partly following the Ammann & Offut book, if you're interested in coverage criteria and the like)

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Last updated: 2020-03-06