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732A74 Introduction to Python

This page contains an overview of the lectures and links to material related to them. The concepts and techniques presented in the lectures are examined in the labs; see the Examination page for more information about this.

Lecture 1: Course intro, Python Basics

This lecture introduces - among other things - the course content, some basic data types and control/program flow constructs (if, while,...).

Naturally, the output doesn't contain any notes on tab completion (which will be available in your notebooks, and in standard Python REPL, most IDE:s).

Lecture 2: Functions, procedural abstraction and FP

This lecture introduces - among other things - functions, procedural abstraction and some notes on testing and design.

Lecture 2: Extra reading material on recusion

Lecture 3: OOP (and much more)

This lecture introduces basic OOP ideas, classes in Python, inheritance, properties. Additionally, we note some module division issues, running Python as a script and discuss the point of selecting good data structures.

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