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732A74 Introduction to Python

The examination for this course is centred around the course’s learning objectives. For each objective there are one or more examination components that test how well you meet that objective. This page presents these components and their specific knowledge requirements, forms of examination, and grade requirements in detail.

Examination components

The examination for this course consists of the following components:

  • LAB1 Laboratory exercises, 3 credits (U, G)

In order to pass the course, you must have a passing grade on this component.

LAB1 Laboratory exercises

This component tests to what extent you are able to apply the methods covered in the course to pre-defined problems according to given instructions.

Knowledge requirements

You apply the methods covered in the course to pre-defined problems according to given instructions. You evaluate the performance of methods and systems with given validation methods and interpret your results with simple judgements.

Form of the examination

This component is examined by a series of lab assignments or ‘labs’, which should be done in pairs.

Grade requirements

For a passing grade (G), you need a Pass on all labs.

Examination date and registration

The formal examination date for this component is the final examination date for the course. Before submitting your first lab, you and your lab partner will have to register in Webreg.


To get feedback about how well you meet the knowledge requirements for this component, you can attend the tutored lab sessions, and make sure that you submit your assignments in time for the first due date.

For labs handed in before the deadline, we will try to respond within five working days. You may be tasked to fix and resubmit the lab.


After the final examination date, you can submit your solutions to your lab assistant. The lab assistant might grade it at a time of their choosing, if they have the time. It is well worth submitting, but you cannot expect a quick response (even if your CSN depends on it).

There are two occasions where we will guarantee grading the labs (at least once per lab):

  • during the re-exam period for VT1
  • during the general re-exam period after the summer break

After this you might be referred to the next run of the course. Note that the next run can have different contents.

The following specific rules apply to the different examination components:

LAB1 Laboratory exercises

Follow these steps to participate in a re-examination of this component:

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Last updated: 2020-03-06