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732A74 Introduction to Python (3 ECTS)

VT1 2019

Welcome to the webpages of the course 732A74 Introduction to Python!

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today, both for general applications and for data science. The goal of this course is to give an introduction to the language, programming paradigms used and some popular libraries.

Note on updates

The course pages are being updated, and all information is preliminary. In particular, the labs will be updated.

Latest News...

2020‑04‑30  Resubmission deadline

Labs handed in before June 5 are guaranteed a grading. If you have anything left, contact me well before that.

//Anders Märak Leffler

2020‑04‑10  Contact email

If there are any technical issues with reaching me via my @liu.se address, please try my student address (andma397).

//Anders Märak Leffler

2020‑03‑06  Final deadline

As mentioned, all labs must be passed by the end of the course. Due to technical issues in the lab rooms, this is extended to March 31st. Make sure that assistants have at least 5 work days before that to look at your final hand-in. This should not affect most of you, with lab 5 having a deadline 17/3. But do make sure to fix any remaining resubmissions.

//Anders Märak Leffler

2020‑01‑22  Lecture 1 and webreg instructions

The first lecture has now been uploaded to the lectures page. There is also an extended instruction on how to sign up in Webreg available from the labs page.

//Anders Märak Leffler


2020‑01‑06  Course web pages under update

These are the official course webpages for 732A74. The 2020 webpages have not yet reached their final form. If you find the old material interesting, please have a look. However, expect possibly minor, possibly large updates both to materials and eg handin rules.

//Anders Märak Leffler

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