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732A63 Probability Theory

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21/08 2018  Welcome to the 2018 course

2018 material added.

11/10 2017  Exam

The exam will consist of 3 to 5 questions. Of these either 1 or 2 will be taken
directly from the non-starred exercises. The remaining questions can concern anything in
the course including the starred exercises and material they cover.

28/08 2017  Larger rooms

Please check the schedules as we have rebooked all the classes to larger rooms.

28/08 2017  Welcome to the 2017 course

2017 material added.

18/10 2016  Exam solutions

Here are links to the exam with solutions.

Sept 29 2016  Old exams

Here are links to two old exams with solutions: exam1, solutions1, exam2, solutions2.

For the written exam you can expect questions similar to them in the seminar exercises and in the old exams.

April 28 2016  Welcome!

The first lecture is on August 29 2016, at 13.15. Please spend the time before that on self-study to fresh up your knowledge in probability theory from previous course(s).

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