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732A32 Data mining project

Course information

The aim of this course is that, after its completion, the student is able to

  • apply previously obtained knowledge in the field of data mining in a real setting,
  • plan, perform and report on an individual task, and
  • demonstrate insight in research and development work.
The course is worth 6 ECTS credits and, thus, the course work load corresponds to 8 weeks at half-speed. The course consists in project work. The project should be chosen in cooperation with a supervisor and, in general, it will be related to the research of the supervisor. The work is performed individually with support and guidance of a supervisor.

Projects available (do not forget to submit your project proposal before you get started, read more on this on the Examination section):
  • Your own project.
  • Analysis of predictive power of data mining algorithms with embedded monotonicity constraints, supervised by Oleg Sysoev.
  • Various topics on probabilistic graphical models such as Bayesian and Markov networks, supervised by Jose M. Peña.
  • Interaction between databases and data mining, supervised by Jose M. Peña.
  • Detection of anomalies in data from Automatic Identification System (AIS) for shipping, supervised by Anders Grimvall.
  • Visualizing text using wordclouds using ggplot2, supervised by Måns Magnusson.
  • Analyzing the political topics of the Swedish Riksdag, supervised by Måns Magnusson.
  • Literature survey on data mining and machine learning methods for big data, supervised by Niklas Carlsson.

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