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Use sketches, wireframes, storyboards and textual descriptions to specify the implementation. Your specification should take into account the time available for the implementation: try to create a specification for a product that is of excellent quality without needing more than the available time to implement it.


You do not have to use software to create the sketches and wireframes, but if you want, you can use e.g. Pencil or myBalsamiq (send an email to Jody to get an account).

Specification requirements

  • The specification must have a short textual description that describes the functionality and features of the envisioned implementation.
  • The specification must contain annotated visual descriptions of interaction.
  • The design specification must specify the interaction of the implementation. Which (user) events trigger which behaviours in the user interface.
  • The design specification must fullfill all requirements specified in the functional specification of your chosen category.

Deliverable (updated)

The specification is delivered (submitted to your TA), presented, and reviewed on the Presentation/Review session on Monday October 31.

Bring six paper copies of your specification to this session, in addition to the material you need for your presentation. One paper copy is to be handed out to each other student pair in your TA group.

After presenting your specification, there will be a short discussion and QA session where your peers have the possibility to find out more about your project and help you evaluate your specification.

Updated by: Jody Foo
Last updated: 2016-10-26