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Below you can find the functional specifications for the different project categories. All project implementations should be contained within a single html-page.


If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at the examples in each category section. You can also browse one of the many website design sites such as e.g.

Online store

The "Online store" is a single interactive web page where the user can browse different items for sale and add them to a shopping cart.

The web page should enable the user to:

  • Browse the available items. There should be more than one picture of the item and a short product description should also be available.
  • Add/Remove items from a shopping cart
  • View contents of the shopping cart

Example websites

Product customization

The "Product customization" is a single interactive web page the user select various options before buying a specific product.

The web page should enable the user to:

  • View information about various product options (color, size, accessories, speed, memory, etc)
  • Select different product options and see a dynamic representation of the final result
  • See how much the current configuration costs

Example websites

Product showcase

The product showcase is a single interactive web page where a specific product is showcased. Animations should be used to make the showcase fun, interesting and spectacular. The product showcase should not look or behave like an ordinary photo gallery. All information should not be shown at the same time.

The web page should enable the user to:

  • interactively explore various features of the product
  • interactively explore different images of the product

Example websites

Your own category

If you have an idea that you would want to have as your project, formulate a short functional specification using the same format as above and send an email to Jody.

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Last updated: 2016-10-25