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At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to put together everything you have learned during the course and implement a small interactive showcase.

Part 1 - Genre exemplar analysis

For the mini project in this course, you will have to select which of the categories you want to work with. After selecting a category, find at least three exemplars on the web and analyse them using the genre analysis method.

Read more: Project categories, Genre Analysis

Part 2 - the specification

Before implementing your project, you will have to submit and present a specification of the project at a project specification review/presentation session.

Read more: Project specification

Part 3 - specification peer review

In addition to writing a specification, you will also review a specification written by another group.

Read more: Specification review.

Part 4 - the implementation

After presenting your specification you will have about two weeks (~54h) to implement your project. The project implementation will then be presented at the final review/presentation session scheduled during the final week of the course (week 45).

Read more: Implementation review/presentation

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Last updated: 2017-10-20