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During the first four weeks of the course you will be given four assignments. The examination of each assignment is done during the review/presentation sessions described below.

General assignment instructions and information

  • IMPORTANT: Register your two-person-group in webreg.
  • Each assignment has different levels that correspond to a score of 15, 20 or 25 points on the assignment.
  • Your assignment score will be given during the review/presentation sessions. In order to participate in these sessions, you must submit your assignment before the assignment submission deadline (see instructions below).
  • The code (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) of your published web pages should be a) be correctly indented and b) use meaningful variable and function names that follow a consistent naming scheme.
  • Please consult the examination page for details on the number of points needed for the different course grades.
  • Please consult the timetable for information regarding deadlines.

Submitting your assignments

Important! Only submit completed and fully functional assignments. Do not submit incomplete assignments that only work in part. Minor glitches are ok, but if you are unsure, ask one of the teachers.

To submit your assignment

  • Send an email to containing the URL to your assignment to the email adress 729g26@ida.liu.se
  • The email should contain the URL to your assignment published online via your IDA account. See Publishing web pages at IDA.
  • The email’s subject line should follow the pattern Assignment X. LiU-ID1, LiU-ID2. [TA LiU-ID]. Replace X with the correct assignment number, LiU-ID1 and LiU-ID2 with the LiU-ID’s of the the members of your group, and TA LiU-ID with the LiU-ID of your teacher’s assistant, which are as follows:
    • Jody Foo, jodfo01
    • Ove Jansson, oveja32
    • Simon Cavedoni, simca709

An example of a valid subject line is Assignment 1. abcde123, efghi456. [jodfo01].

The purpose of the assignments

The assignments in this course have two main purposes. Firstly, they are intended to prepare you for the mini project later in the course and provide you with skills which will make complete the project easier. Each assignment builds on skills learned in the previous assignment. Secondly, they serve as a common ground for the technical discussions that take place during the assignment review/presentation sessions. By sharing your technical experiences and taking part of those of your peers, you will be able to learn a lot more and gain a greater understanding of your own work.

Assignment reviews/presentations

To recieve points for your assignment, you must participate in the assignment review/presentation session for that assignment. Each TA will moderate the review/presentation session for his/her group, during which each pair of students will present their assignment. The assignment is presented to your student peers in the computer lab room. After all assignments have been presented, the group will discuss the contributions and look at strong points and weak point of different solutions, as well as possible improvements.

To be allowed to participate in the assignment review, the assignment must be submitted to your TA before the assignment deadline. The submitted assignment should not contain any serious bugs or flaws in order to be accepted.


Should you fail to submit your assignment in time or are unable to participate in the review/presentation session, you will have to make up for not being able to participate in the assignment review by recording a short screencast where you present your finished assignment. The screencast should also include a review of your solution where you point out its streanghts and weaknesses.

Keep the screencast simple with a maximum running time of 10 minutes.

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Last updated: 2017-10-29