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The course is divided into to two parts:

  • assignments
  • mini project

You will be working in pairs during both the assignments and the project. Unless there are special circumstances, you should work together with the same partner for both parts. The work should not be split between the students in a group and both students should be able to present the work the group submits.

Information on deadlines can be found on the timetable page.


Each completed assignment will be given a score between 15 and 25 points. Scoring of assignments is done during the review/presentation sessions. Please refer to the the assignments page for further details.

To pass the assignments you must score at least 15 on each assignment and accumulate a total score of 60 points. The highest possible total score for the assignments is 100.


The project is assessed based on the folowing

  • presentation of genre analysis
  • presentation of project specification
  • specification peer review
  • project implementation

Each of the above will be given a score.

Course grade

To pass the course, you need to

  • score at least 15 points on each assignment (accumulate at least 60 points) from the assignments)
  • score at least 15 points on each step in the project (accumulate a score of at least 60 points on your project).

To recieve a course grade of VG, you have to

  • score at least 20 points on each assignment and
  • accumulate at least 85 points from the assignments
  • score at least 20 points on each part of the project
  • accumulate at least 85 points on your project

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Last updated: 2017-10-20