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729G24 Advanced Course in Human-Technology Interaction


The course is given between Week 34-45, 2016, and consists of bort scheduled and non-scheduled activites. The latter includes own project work.



Magnus Bang (MB) and experts at LiU that can be consulted by the project groups (maximum 10 hours).

Activity Teacher Topic Remark
Lecture 1  (21 aug) MB Course introduction Course aims, course activities and examination.
Lecture 2  (28 aug) MB Project approaches: Waterfall model, Scrum etc.  
Seminar 1 (Aug 31) MB Chapter 1, 2 and 4 from the course book is discussed (45 min). Focussed project work in groups (45 min) Introduction to projects, project management. Output: Statement of Work (SoW)
Seminar 2 (Sept 7) MB Chapter 5 from the course book is discussed (45 min) and project work in groups (45 min) Output: Initital Work Breakdown Stucture (WBS) and Gantt
Seminar 3  (Sept 14) MB Chapter 6 from the course book is discussed (45 min) and project work in groups (45 min) Cost estimation, direct and indirect costs Output: Basic project budget
Seminar 4 (Sept 26) MB Chapter 8 och 9 from the course book is discussed (45 min) and project work (45 mins) Quality and risk managament. Output: Risk tables and contingency actions
Seminar 5  (Sept 28) MB Presentation of the project plan to the class. 10-15 min per group. PPT or equivalent is created that presents customer, project goals, plans, WBS, timeline, budget, project risks etc.
Milestone 1 (Sept 30)   Submission of the project plan to the course management. Mailed, PDF-format, please.
Week 40 - Week 43   Project work Meetings with experts and the course management.
Milestone 2 (Nov 2)   Final report is sent to the examiner and the opposition group. The final report is submitted, in PDF format. The presentation and oppostion order and specific requirements on the presentation is mailed to students Nov 2.
Milstone 3 (Nov 11)   Submission of the Individual self reflection to the examiner.  PDF-format, please.
Project presentation (Wednesday Nov 9, 8-12) MB Presentation of projects with opposition/critique session. Place: Visionen, Building B (large hall).

Here you can find the timetable with exact time and room specifications.

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