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729G24 Advanced Course in Human-Technology Interaction


  • Project report
  • Project presentation and opposition
  • Individal written self-assessment

Project report

The project report is organized as a standard report, i.e. it should describe the background of the project, its objectives, methods, results and conclusions. The scope of the report will be about 20 pages of text (project dependent).

Project presention and opposition

Presention and opposition are as follows:

(1) The project group presents the methods and results from their project (20 minutes). The goal of the project, project methodology, plans, deliverables, risk management, etc., as well as the final results (product) are discussed.

(2) The opponent group presents critique of the selected approaches. A PPT presentation or equivalent is shown on the basis of the project report and other materials obtained from the project. The opposition group will state questions to the project group regarding how they solved problems in the project (15-20 minutes total).

Attendance at the final presentation is mandatory. Project reports are sent to the opposition group in a format (such as .doc) so that the opponent group can produce figures, photographs and screenshots for their PPT.

Individual written self-assessment

An individual written self-assessment shall be submitted to the examiner in this course. The compact report - which will be two to three A4 pages long - shall contain reflections on own learning in the course. The format is free (essay). Especially interesting is to treat any problems in the project work that you experienced as rewarding; Describe how you experienced problems in the project, learned something from this and how you would instead like to work. A tip is to reflect on the WBS method to project planning (pros and cons of that approach). Moreover, the report shall also include reflections on learning about the method and theory in the chosen area: cognitive systems, disability studies, language technology or interaction design. Hence, a well-written text addresses both reflections on the project and your learning about theory, method and application.

The individual written self-assessment shall be sent to the examiner via mail, November 11 at the latest (in PDF-format).

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Last updated: 2016-11-01