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729G22 Interaction Design

Project Work

Purpose and Organisation

The aim of the project is to create a prototype of a new system, or further develop an existing system, given an initial brief, by following a design process, described here.

Every group will be assigned a project by the first lecture.

The timetable contains a number of sessions described as "Independent project work". These sessions are for the project group to use as they see best for joint work, planning, communication etc. It is very important that you make use of the sessions during the first week to kickstart the work and get the research phase planned and going. The schedule is tightly set.

The group will show and discuss their work at the end of each step of the process. This is done in smaller groups together with a teacher. This is an opportunity to receive feedback, but also to plan for the following stages.

Make sure everyone in the group contributes to the project. If there are any problems in the groups you must immediately contact one of the course teachers.

For the project work to work some time needs to be allotted for planning of the following work package and start reading the course literature for it. Before some work packages it is necessary to recruit people to interview and observe. This is also something that takes time. It is recommended that one or two project members explicitly take responsibility for the detail planning of the following phase and there do less work in the present phase. This needs to be managed explicitly and stated clearly in the project plan and communcated to the teachers.

The time budget for the course is 27 hours per week for each student including class attendence, reading and individual report work.

Group reports

Here you can find report templates for first two stages of the project. The reports are sent to teachers in conjunction with each stage deadline. The final reports will need to be customized for each client, se also Examination.
  1. User research
  2. Concept design

Projects and Groups

... can be found here.

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