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729G19 Applied Cognitive Science

Course information


The course aims to integrate and summarise the first two years of study at the program and to give basic knowledge on research and theory of science.


The course comprises two parts:

  • Theory of science and research methods. This part presents basic theory of science and discusses various scientific methods used in cognitive science.
  • Project. The students will be divided into groups of six students that are to conduct a small research project. The work can be done at a department of the university, a public authority or a company. The actual work will mainly be done at the university with a possible customer outside the university. The project needs to utilize competence within at least two cognitive science subjects and the students will have two supervisors; one from each subject. Supervisors are alloted after students have decided on which project to carry out.


Course leader and examiner; Arne Jönsson, 28 1717; arnjo@ida.liu.se
Teachers from IBL, IKK, Tema och IDA. Each project group will have two teachers from different departments depedning on project task. This also includes projects with customers outside the university.
Theory of science:
Examiner and course leader: Fredrik Stjernberg
Mikael Rosell from the library will assess information search and Linnea Björk Timm gives a seminar on presentation technique.

Course content and examination:

Theory of science has a written exam comprising 3 hp.

The project comprise 9 hp and is examined through a presentation in three parts.


The grades are VG, G or U.

Course literature

Check the library pages.

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