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725G63 Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms


There will be 12 lectures in total.

Lecture 1. Course info, intro to Java and OOP.

Lecture 2. OOP: constructors, static methods and classes, visibility, inheritance, polymorphism, UML.

Lecture 3. Abstract data types, Lists, Stacks, Queues.

Lecture 4. Interfaces, Generic classes, Exceptions. Additional material. Exceptions, Generic classes.

Lecture 5. Algorithm analysis, time and space complexity, Big O, Theta, Omega.

Lecture 6. Sorting algorithms: Selection-, Insertion-, Bubble-, Shaker-, Shell-, Quick-, and Mergesort.

Lecture 7. Streams, graphical interfaces, Swing, Events and Listeners. Additional material. JFrame, JLabel, JButton, Timer, Events, ActionListener.

Lecture 8. Trees, Traversals, Insertion, Deletion, Representations.

Lecture 9. Priority queue, Heap, Heapsort, Representations.

Lecture 10. Sorting lower bound, Bucketsort, Radixsort, Quickselect.

Lecture 11. Design Patterns.

Lecture 12. Repetition.

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